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Yoga Journal's Yoga for Core Strength DVD
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Yoga for Core Strength DVD

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Strengthen your abdominals and spark your true and powerful center with yoga instructor Coral Brown. This challenging yet supportive series of core strengtheners, standing poses, twists, and backbends will help you build stamina and improve muscle tone. Learn how to skillfully engage your core and initiate movement from your center for a more stable, connected and fluid practice. Firm and flatten your tummy with acceptance and self-love in an asana series that will leave you feeling energetic and empowered.

Yoga for Core Strength segments include:

  • Key Core Strengtheners - Tone, firm, and engage your abdominals in preparation for backbends, standing poses, twists, and arm balances:  10 minutes
  • Standing Poses - Feel more connected and flexible -- and get properly aligned – by activating your core effectively in a series of linked standing poses including Virabhadrasana I, II and III (Warrior Pose I, II and III):  20 minutes
  • Twist From Your Center - Ignite your core and release what blocks your flow with transformative standing and supine twists:  20 minutes
  • Backbending - Experience backbends, including Sphinx and Salabhasana, without tension or hardness with this gently warming and progressively challenging series. Transform fear and anxiety into freedom and expansion with Ustrasana (Camel Pose):  15 minutes

Extra Tutorials:

  • Arm Balance Prep - Build confidence quickly with step-by-step instructions to safely and steadily move into Bakasana (Crane Pose):  5 minutes
  • Vinyasa Transitions -  Put core motion into action by linking key postures including Upward and Downward Dog, Plank, and the core-strengthening Sphinx roll-up:  5 minutes

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Customer Reviews
September 11, 2013
By: Sarah W. (NATICK, MA)
I loved the multi-day online core challenege that yoga journal did and that prompted me to buy this DVD. I had thought it would be what I did for free online, but more, since I was paying. The 20 minute sequences are great, but I wish it were set up as full classes - where we got to hear her teach us her version of sun salutations and then a core sequence. It just felt like it fell a little short for the money I paid, but I guess I'm glad to have these practices to incorporate into my other yoga work.
September 09, 2013
By: nancy s. (STUDIO CITY, CA)
really does engage your core and not difficult. easy to modify.
August 14, 2013
By: Suzana C. (São Paulo, SP)
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