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28-Day Meditation Invitation
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28-Day Meditation Invitation

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Join the Meditation Revolution!

 From better sleep and lower blood pressure to spontaneous feelings of joy and confidence, daily meditation will transform your life.  In this 28-day program, renowned meditation teacher Sally Kempton offers deep wisdom and tips to help you easily establish a regular meditation practice and immediately begin to reap the rewards.

The Meditation Revolution program provides everything you need to begin. There are short videos demonstrations of meditation seated positions and simple yoga sequences to help prepare your body for sitting; four audio meditations; and pranayama, or yogic breathing, instruction.  Plus, enjoy bonus audio tracks from Sally Kempton!

Media Type: Video & Audio
Number of Programs: 13
Format: Zip File with MP4 & MP3

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Hip-Opening Sequence
Standing Sequence
Supine Sequence
How to Sit: Supported Sukhasana
How to Sit: Use a Chair
Nadi Shodhana Pranayama

Audio Meditations
Follow the Breath
Hamsa Mantra
Space Between the Breath
The Great Heart

Bonus Tracks from Sally Kempton!
Learn more about the Hamsa mantra meditation
Learn more about the Space Between the Breath meditation
Learn more about The Great Heart meditation 

Download Size: 424 MB
Downloads Allowed: 10
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Customer Reviews
April 27, 2013
By: Carolyn J. (Birmingham, West Midlands)
I've tried meditation before, but it's been a bit random, with no routine so there has been little in the way of lasting effects. However, this programme of asanas and meditation builds gently but effectively and I have found myself looking forward to my early evening Practice and the peace that it brings. The regular emails are helpful in supporting the practice and offer some guidance which is like having a wise and helpful teacher on hand. I would echo a previous reviewer's comments about the video being a long one where you have to search for the right routine but that isn't to much if a hassle once you know the whole thing. Overall, lovely. Thank you.
February 07, 2013
By: Kseniya E. (BAKERSFIELD, CA)
This is an excellent program, sound and videos are very good quality. Although audio files are in MP3 format I had a hard time uploading them to my iPod - I even had to buy a converter software to convert it to Apple compatible format. Also I audio meditations are actually longer than the ones that were posted online during 28-day Meditation challenge. I would prefer if they were exactly the same, because the length was perfect and it was possible to choose between shorter (<10 min) or longer (close to 20 min) guided meditations.
October 10, 2012
By: Carolyn S. (EAGAN, MN)
Sally Kempton is easy to listen to and the meditations are very relaxing. The videos are easy to follow and add to my flexibility.
October 07, 2012
By: obici m. (san giorgio di piano, bologna)
It's a very useful program!
October 01, 2012
By: Debra H. (BREMERTON, WA)
Great resource! I love the new sense of calm I have been able to add to my practice. The program was easy to follow and since each session built on the previous session, the program was easy to integrate into my daily schedule. I continue to work on my meditation practice. I look forward to the serenity in my sometimes chaotic day.
September 12, 2012
I loved this challange. I found when I did the meditation right before bed I sleep much more sound and work energized. Thank you for providing it!
September 07, 2012
The excellent asanas for preparing to sit were perfect for the "just awake" body or the "ready for bed" body and truly helped make sitting easier. Then Sally's soothing and gentle voice helped tremendously with keeping this flighty mind of mine focused on the breath or mantra. I was pretty faithful and am experiencing some of the "side effects" mentioned in the write-ups for each of the 28 days. Definitely plan to continue...and lengthen my "sitting." Namaste indeed! Thank you!
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