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2013 21-Day Yoga Challenge Special Issue
3 weeks to a healthy new habit
  • build strength and agility
  • boost your confidence
  • open your heart
  • unwind tension
  • restore your piece of mind
  • have fun!

Learn 35 poses and try 17 inspiring sequences.

August 2010 Yoga Journal Issue 230
Build Strength and Grace
10 poses to boost confidence
Save your knees - 5 poses to keeps them healthy!
Got tension? Try a simple backbend you can do anywhere
Discover your source of calm
Warriors at Peace: Remedies for a war-torn mind
February 2006 Yoga Journal Issue 193
The Yoga Diet: Rediscover the Joy of Eating
Conquer Your Fear of Aging
Love Better: How Yoga Can Enhance Your Relationship
Difficult People Are Your Best Teachers
New Insights From B.K.S. Iyengar
February 2007 Yoga Journal Issue 200
2007 Yoga Directory: The Essential Guide to Finding a Yoga Class Anywhere
Make a Fresh Start: Transform Your Life Today
Notice the Now
Face Your Biggest Fears
Breathe Better, Get Stronger
February 2008 Yoga Journal Issue 208
2008 Yoga Directory: A Free Pull-Out Guide to Finding Teachers and Studios Everywhere
Get Stronger: Build Your Practice at Home
10 Tools For Creating Your Happiest Life
Pain-Free Shoulders
February 2011 Yoga Journal Issue 235
Free Yoga Directory
The key of letting go of bad habits
Daily Practice is easy with our ultimate at-home plan
Tips for meditating with ease Heart healthy guide - What to eat - How to exercise - Why yoga helps
Find Strength in Gentle backbends
February 2012 Yoga Journal Issue 244
3 simple ways to quiet your mind
Strengthen your core
What's the right meditation style for you?
1 pose for a healthy, pain-free back
How yoga makes you fit
5 tips for eating healthy all year

Jan/Feb 2005 Yoga Journal Issue 186
Get Healthy: 38 ways yoga keeps you fit
Too Busy for Yoga? Start now with our 3-step plan
New Year's Resolution: Less Judgement, More Compassion
Beginner Tips for Triangle
12 Poses to Ease PMS
Jan/Feb 2013 Yoga Journal Issue 253
5 poses to create stability inside and out
16 poses for strength & poise
Injuries: why they happen & how to avoid them
Ready to lose weight?  Start by nourishing yourself
Get a Willpower boost!  Poses, meditations, and guidance to set you up for success
3 moves to lengthen your entire spine
Find more flexibility in your hip joints
Plus:  Free Yoga Directory!  Classes, teacher trainings, retreats, and more
2012 Yoga Essentials Special Issue
The ultimate guide for beginners and beyond
Twenty-four need-to-know poses
Sun salutations
The key to practicing at home
Meditation made easy
How to relax for real
Special self-care section: Tailoring your routine to your unique needs

2012 Yoga For Beginners Special Issue
Thirty-eight ways yoga heals you
Ten Essential Poses
How to find the style that's right for you
Five sequences to try at home
Real-life yoga makeovers
A simple guide to meditation
Gear guide - what you really need
2012 Yoga Journal Stress Less With Yoga Special Issue
From anxious to awesome: 4 calming flow sequences
Total relaxation in 10 steps
Find your insomnia solution
Meditation made easy
Eat to be happy
28 great grounding poses
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No matter what stage of life you're in, no matter whether you've been practicing for a few months or many years, Yoga Journal will make your days richer, calmer, and more spiritually rewarding.
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