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2013 21-Day Yoga Challenge Special Issue
3 weeks to a healthy new habit
  • build strength and agility
  • boost your confidence
  • open your heart
  • unwind tension
  • restore your piece of mind
  • have fun!

Learn 35 poses and try 17 inspiring sequences.

February 2006 Yoga Journal Issue 193
The Yoga Diet: Rediscover the Joy of Eating
Conquer Your Fear of Aging
Love Better: How Yoga Can Enhance Your Relationship
Difficult People Are Your Best Teachers
New Insights From B.K.S. Iyengar
February 2007 Yoga Journal Issue 200
2007 Yoga Directory: The Essential Guide to Finding a Yoga Class Anywhere
Make a Fresh Start: Transform Your Life Today
Notice the Now
Face Your Biggest Fears
Breathe Better, Get Stronger
February 2008 Yoga Journal Issue 208
2008 Yoga Directory: A Free Pull-Out Guide to Finding Teachers and Studios Everywhere
Get Stronger: Build Your Practice at Home
10 Tools For Creating Your Happiest Life
Pain-Free Shoulders
February 2011 Yoga Journal Issue 235
Free Yoga Directory
The key of letting go of bad habits
Daily Practice is easy with our ultimate at-home plan
Tips for meditating with ease Heart healthy guide - What to eat - How to exercise - Why yoga helps
Find Strength in Gentle backbends
February 2012 Yoga Journal Issue 244
3 simple ways to quiet your mind
Strengthen your core
What's the right meditation style for you?
1 pose for a healthy, pain-free back
How yoga makes you fit
5 tips for eating healthy all year

Jan/Feb 2005 Yoga Journal Issue 186
Get Healthy: 38 ways yoga keeps you fit
Too Busy for Yoga? Start now with our 3-step plan
New Year's Resolution: Less Judgement, More Compassion
Beginner Tips for Triangle
12 Poses to Ease PMS
Jan/Feb 2013 Yoga Journal Issue 253
5 poses to create stability inside and out
16 poses for strength & poise
Injuries: why they happen & how to avoid them
Ready to lose weight?  Start by nourishing yourself
Get a Willpower boost!  Poses, meditations, and guidance to set you up for success
3 moves to lengthen your entire spine
Find more flexibility in your hip joints
Plus:  Free Yoga Directory!  Classes, teacher trainings, retreats, and more
Jan/Feb 2014 Yoga Journal Issue 262
17 Poses to boost you immunity
New Year, New Yoga Practice
10 Tips to get you back on your mat
Tap into yoga's power 
Breathe new lift into your poses
Foods that make you feel good right now
2012 Yoga Essentials Special Issue
The ultimate guide for beginners and beyond
Twenty-four need-to-know poses
Sun salutations
The key to practicing at home
Meditation made easy
How to relax for real
Special self-care section: Tailoring your routine to your unique needs

2012 Yoga For Beginners Special Issue
Thirty-eight ways yoga heals you
Ten Essential Poses
How to find the style that's right for you
Five sequences to try at home
Real-life yoga makeovers
A simple guide to meditation
Gear guide - what you really need
2012 Yoga Journal Stress Less With Yoga Special Issue
From anxious to awesome: 4 calming flow sequences
Total relaxation in 10 steps
Find your insomnia solution
Meditation made easy
Eat to be happy
28 great grounding poses
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