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2013 21-Day Yoga Challenge Special Issue
3 weeks to a healthy new habit
  • build strength and agility
  • boost your confidence
  • open your heart
  • unwind tension
  • restore your piece of mind
  • have fun!

Learn 35 poses and try 17 inspiring sequences.

2012 Yoga Essentials Special Issue
The ultimate guide for beginners and beyond
Twenty-four need-to-know poses
Sun salutations
The key to practicing at home
Meditation made easy
How to relax for real
Special self-care section: Tailoring your routine to your unique needs

2012 Yoga For Beginners Special Issue
Thirty-eight ways yoga heals you
Ten Essential Poses
How to find the style that's right for you
Five sequences to try at home
Real-life yoga makeovers
A simple guide to meditation
Gear guide - what you really need
2012 Yoga Journal Stress Less With Yoga Special Issue
From anxious to awesome: 4 calming flow sequences
Total relaxation in 10 steps
Find your insomnia solution
Meditation made easy
Eat to be happy
28 great grounding poses
2012 Yoga Journal Yoga at Home Special Issue
Six master classes
Seven meditation styles to try
Eight fun home practices
Power up your practice: Build strength, gain flexibility, and take it to the next level
Our best advice for backbends
Tips to be safe in any pose
Secrets to better arm balances
2011 Yoga Journal Healing and Happiness Special Issue
Ease back pain and muscle pains
Sleep soundly
Soothe stress
Stave off colds and flu
Improve digestion
Enhance immunity, balance hormones, tame arthritis, and more
2011 Yoga Journal Weight Loss Special Issue
Everything you need to transform the way you think about food & exercise!
Nine sequences to practice at home
Learn how to make lasting changes
Yoga tips for every shape and size
Why gentle yoga works
Delicious recipes for optimal nutrition
2010 Yoga Journal Fitness and Health Special Issue
Get In the Best Shape of Your Life
Eight Complete Work Outs By Top Teachers
Ultimate Core Challenge
Five Poses for Over-All Conditioning
Yoga for Strength Training
The Inner-wisdom diet
Find your perfect weight
November 2014 Yoga Journal Issue 269
10 minute soothing sequences
Home practice inspiration
How to get stronger in arm balances
Get back on your mat
9 poses to rediscover joy
The yoga of eating
4 wise food philosophies
24 natural beauty products for yogi's
Light on BKS Iyenger
A tribute and celebration, page 54 
Cover model & pro guitarist Bibi McGill on teaching yoga, rocking out and staying balanced
October 2014 Yoga Journal Issue 268
15 poses to wind down at night
Natural immune boosters
How to go deeper in forward folds
8 moves to get flexible
Why failing is the best thing that could ever happen to you
The body issue
Cover model Kathryn Budig on self-acceptance
Yoga's hidden health danger
3 food facts that will change the way you eat
Partner poses that build strong trust 
September 2014 Yoga Journal Issue 267
16 Poses for a healthy metabolism
Lift your mood
7 Poses to find joy & balance
Twists that unwind
6 Tips for a pain-free practice
Healing Superfoods
The #1 Way to feel more focused
Stress Less: Hilaria Baldwin on the calming power of yoga
July/August 2014 Yoga Journal Issue 266
15 Poses to build a strong, healthy body
Tricky arm balances made easy
Love your body
How to silence your inner critic
Cooling Ayurvedic seecrets
Plus: Fresh & quick seasonal recipes
Happy starts here
The 20-minute bliss-out sequence
Tara Stiles on strala yoga and the power of intuition 
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No matter what stage of life you're in, no matter whether you've been practicing for a few months or many years, Yoga Journal will make your days richer, calmer, and more spiritually rewarding.
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